Wildflowers create beautiful, colourful swards of plantings in gardens and larger landscape areas and are a remarkably quick and simple way to brighten up those dull hidden areas with a splash of colour. The vibrant coloured flowers also create valuable wildlife habitats, producing a rich and varied source of food for small mammals as well as birds, bees, butterflies and other pollenating insects, which thrive on the abundance of pollen and nectar throughout the spring and summer months. And when autumn arrives, the seed heads become a hugely essential source of food for birds and small mammals helping them survive the winter months.

A Wildflower Meadow on a Roll?

Each variety of our Wildflower Turf is grown on a revolutionary growing mat, which has been created to replace traditional turf rolls. An innovative product that essentially allows wildflowers to be grown onto a thin layer of growing medium to form a biodiverse blanket, which we call WildflowerMat.
WildflowerMat is laid in exactly the same way as traditional lawn turf and is a fast, easy way to establish wildflowers areas in gardens and larger landscape situations, simply prepare the ground, unroll your chosen variety of WildflowerMat, and water until the roots are established.

Why WildflowerMat?

Wildflowers can notoriously be very difficult to establish, but WildflowerMat removes those difficulties. Once the wildflower area has been prepared, preferably using a Low Fertility soil, WildflowerMat can simply be unrolled, laid onto the prepared ground and then regularly watered until the roots become established. Available in eight (8) exciting different varieties to suit different aesthetic tastes, soil conditions and landscaping applications, each variety of our WildflowerMat is a colourful mix of native flowering plants and selected native grasses, which are grown onto this proven matting system.
The following product pages fully describe each variety of WildflowerMat we produce, simply choose the variety you think will work best for you and your garden, and if you need any help or advice, please visit our ‘Helping you choose the right wildflower turf’ pages or alternatively call our sales team who are always happy to help and advise.

Why Use Low Fertility Soils?

To get the very best results from the different varieties of WildflowerMat, we recommend that it is laid onto a 150mm depth of Low Fertility soil, as this has been specially formulated and blended to be low in nutrients, allowing the wildflowers to establish and thrive with minimal competition.
To explain, Low Fertility soils help limit soil nutrients. The low nutrients help to prevent grasses from becoming over vigorous, whilst also restricting the growth of other dominating plants so that they do not outcompete the wildflower plants in WildflowerMat.

Quality Assured!

Each area of WildflowerMat is nurtured from seed to the time of despatch by a small dedicated team. It’s important to us that our different varieties of WildflowerMat are as natural as possible, therefore it’s grown out of doors and wherever possible, we choose UK sourced wildflower seeds. The use of pesticides during the growing process are avoided and instead, we welcome a host of insects and small mammals to enjoy the plants as they develop, letting nature take its course, so-to-speak.
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the full range of plant species are present in every variety of WildflowerMat, it is a natural product and we cannot guarantee that all species mentioned on the seed mix will survive or indeed thrive in all planting situations.

Please view our ‘instant’ range of Wildflower Turf varieties below.

Floral Focus – Birds & Bees (100% Flora) WildflowerMat

Suitable for:
Attracting a Wide Variety of Birds, Butterflies & Bees
• A Wide Range of Soil Types
• Maximum Colour – Minimum Maintenance
• Creating Low Maintenance Wildlife Habitats

Birds & Bees (90% FLORA – 10% GRASSES) WildflowerMat

Suitable for:
Attracting A Wide Variety of Wildlife
• Creating Rich Biodiverse Areas
• Long Flowering Period
• Maximum Colour – Minimum Maintenance

SuDS & Slopes WildflowerMat

Suitable for:
Slopes, Banks & Damp Soil Areas in Need of Stabilsing
• Pond Margins & Stream Embankments
• Fast, Natural Stabilisation of Banks & Slopes
• Creating Low Maintenance Wildlife Habitats
• Boosting Biodiversity

Traditional Meadow WildflowerMat

Suitable for:
Creating Traditional Hay Meadows
• Colourful Perenial Plantings
• Boosting Biodiversity

Cottage Garden WildflowerMat

Suitable for:
Attracting Bee’s & Wildlife Into Your Garden
• Creating Colourful Wildflower Displays
• Boosting Biodiversity

Heritage WildflowerMat

Suitable for:
Creating a Biodiverse Wildflower Garden
• Poor Nutrient Soils
• Encouraging Wildlife
• Boosting Biodiversity

Species Rich Lawn WildflowerMat

Suitable for:
Creating a Multi-Coloured, Species Rich Lawn
• Dense, Year Round Grass Cover
• Most Soil Types

Woodland Shade WildflowerMat

Suitable for:
Woodland margins and hedgerows
• Shady spots in gardens
• Maximum Colour – Minimum Maintenance
• Valuable wildlife habitat