Traditional Wildflower Seed Mixtures

Premium Topsoil Supplies are one of the UK’s main distributors for LIMAGRAIN UK, Europe’s largest seed development company, which produces a wide variety of seeds for many different applications. In addition to an extensive range of sports and amenity grass seeds, Limagrain also produce two extensive ranges of wildflower seeds, our Traditional Wildflower Seed Mixtures which use only native British wildflower seeds and an exciting NEW Modern Wildflower Mix called ‘Colour Splash’.
Wild flowers are an important part of our countryside as they provide a rich, colourful and diverse ecological habitat for many insects and wildlife. They also offer great aesthetic value to enhance the natural beauty of the British countryside, parklands and gardens around us or indeed wherever they are present, be it in small clumps along the roadside or in large open meadows. Wildflowers bring a welcome dash of colour to our lives, whilst also providing a valuable refuge for wildlife, producing a rich and varied source of food for small mammals as well as bees, butterflies and other pollenating insects.


Our exciting ranges of wildflower mixtures, now make it possible to easily and successfully sow your own wildflower areas, bringing an array of vibrant colour to your garden from spring all the way through to autumn, whilst also creating your own valuable wildlife habitat.
Our range of Traditional Wildflower Seed Mixtures use only British native seeds and include both annual and perennial mixes, which have been carefully formulated to meet a number of different habitats and soils types. These include Open Grasslands, Shaded & Woodland Areas, Wet & Moist Soils , Soils Overlaying Limestone, Chalk & Clay Soils, Low PH (Acidic) Soils, Hedgerow & Woodland Margins, as well as a traditional Cornflower mixture for sowing into open ground.
All our traditional wildflower mixes (excluding Cornfields Annual Mixture) include low maintenance grass species which act as a nursery crop in the early years of establishment and growth. The grasses help to suppress weed invasion, whilst allowing the wildflowers to flourish. All our AWF mixtures contain 20% native British produced wild flowers and 80% grasses (see grass species below).
All our wildflower mixtures are sold in 1kg bags.
Our range of Traditional Wildflower Seed Mixtures currently includes ten (10) different seed mixes and a traditional Cornflower mixture.

Please view our exciting range of Traditional Wildflower Seed Mixtures below.


80% Grasses

• Browntop Bent – Agrostis Capillaris    • Chewings Fescue – Festuca Rubra Commutata    • Crested Dogstail – Cynosurus Cristatus    • Sheeps Fescue – Festuca Ovina    • Slender Creeping Red Fescue – Festuca Rubra Litoralis    • Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass – Poa Pratensis    • Strong Creeping Red Fescue – Festuca Rubra Rubra.

Cornfield Annuals Mixture (100% Flora)

Suitable for:
Recreating Traditional Wildflower Areas
• Most Soil Types

LG1 Woodland & Heavy Shaded areas

Suitable for:
Woodland & Heavy Shaded Areas
• Woodland Copses
• Most Soil Types

LG2 Wetland & Water Meadow

Suitable for:
Wetland & Water Meadows
• Ditches, Pond, Streams & River Banks
• Most Wet & Damp Soil areas

LG3 Limestone Soils

Suitable for:
Limestone & Chalky Soils
• Lime Rich, Alkaline Soils

LG4 Clay & Heavy Soils

Suitable for:
• Clay & Heavy Soils
• Dense Soils That Hold Water

LG5 Acidic soils

Suitable for:
Acidic Soils
• Loamy Soils With A pH Less Than 7.0

LG6 General Purpose & Loam Soils

Suitable for:
• General Purpose Soils
• Loamy Soils

LG7 Hedgerows & Semi Shade

Suitable for:
Hedgerows & Planted Field Boundaries
• Semi Shaded Areas

LG8 Sandy & Dry Soils

Suitable for:
Sandy & Dry Soils
• Very Free Draining Soils

LG9 Flowering Lawn

Suitable for:
Creating Flowering Lawns
• A Wide Range of Soil Types


Pollinators Mix

Suitable for:
Attracting Pollinators
• A Wide Range of Soil Types


Suitable for:
Creating Traditional Wildflower Meadows
• A Wide Range of Soil Types

LG Flower Rich Margin

Suitable for:
• Field Margins & Buffers
• A Wide Range of Soil Types

LG Bee Mixture

Suitable for:
• Ornamental & Landscape Areas
• Attracting Bumble Bees & Pollinators
• A Wide Range of Soil Types

AWF Poppy & Cornfield Mixture

Suitable for:
• Establishing traditional fields of annual wild flowers
• Attracting Bumble Bees & Pollinators
•A Wide Range of Soil Types

Meadow Turf Supplies

Our meadow turf supplies are of the highest quality so you can rest assured that your purchases will arrive fresh and ready for your given application.