SuDS & Slopes WildflowerMat

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Suitable for:

  • Slopes, Banks & Damp Soil Areas in Need of Stabilsing
  • Pond Margins & Stream Embankments
  • Fast, Natural Stabilisation of Banks & Slopes
  • Creating Low Maintenance Wildlife Habitats
  • Boosting Biodiversity

SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat is a blend of 34 native wildflowers and grasses that are truly low maintenance. An increased percentage of selected grasses with strong rooting characteristics to aid soil stabilisation, whilst flowering plants add an extra layer of attractiveness, which being perennial will continue for many years to come.

Ideal for a slopes, banks, damp soils and the margins of ponds, streams or ‘Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems’ (SuDS), our SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat offers a real boost to biodiversity. Insects, amphibians, small mammals and birds truly appreciate this wonderful source of food and shelter. And because it needs no chemical treatments, artificial fertilisers or frequent cutting, this WildflowerMat creates a wonderful low maintenance wildlife habitat.

Key Facts:

  • A 50-50 mix of native wildflowers and selected grasses.
  • 100% Perennial plants, so there is no need to overseed, repopulate or replant.
  • Striking flower varieties in shades of yellow, white, pink and purple.
  • Quick to establish and strong rooting.
  • Requires cutting back once a year, with no other maintenance required.
  • Suitable for most ground applications.
  • Standard turf mat size is 1000mm x 1000mm (1m2).
  • The normal weight of SuDS and Slopes turf is 24Kg per square metre (per roll), although this may vary slightly according to moisture levels. We therefore recommend having two people to install it.

Key Benefits:

  • A vibrant colourful mix of perennial, annual and bi-annual plants for sustainability and lower maintenance.
  • Not all of the flowering species are perennial. We’ve included some annual and bi-annual plants too. These may not appear every year, but when they do, they will bring a welcome surprise.
  • Flowering period from late spring through to late summer.
  • Flowering Times: May – July (flowering times will be dependent on your soil type and local weather conditions).
  • SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat creates a hugely valuable wildlife habitat for a wide selection of small mammals, birds, bees and pollinating insects.
  • SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat is trimmed before despatch to minimise any damage to plants during transit. Therefore, it will not be in flower when delivered.
  • To enjoy flowers in the first flowering season, you must install SuDS and Slopes before the end of March so that the plants have time to establish prior to summer flowering.
  • The balance of plant species in SuDS and Slopes, is influenced by the local microclimate, weather conditions, plant management and pollinator populations. It’s a truly biodiverse and natural evolving adaptable product, which will change appearance from year to year.
  • Very easy to install, the ground stabilising mat is pre-populated with fast growing living plants and grasses. Simply prepare the ground as instructed, unroll, peg down (if on a slope), and water frequently until plants and roots are well established.
  • Quick to establish, the combination of our matting system and choice of vigorous rooting plants and grasses will immediately start to stabilise soil on banks, slopes and venerable areas.
  • High proportion of flowering plants compared with rush or sedge based stabilisation solutions.
  • SuDS and Slopes is an important source of food for caterpillars and therefore a vital part of butterfly and moth life cycles.

Where to Grow SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat?

Suitable for a wide range of soils, SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat is ideal for slopes, banks, damp soils and the margins of ponds, streams or ‘Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems’ (SuDS) or any landscape situation that requires soil stabilisation.  Quick to establish, the combination of our matting system and choice of vigorous rooting plants and grasses will immediately start to stabilise soil on banks, slopes and venerable areas.

Wildlife Friendly!

SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat is grown outdoors on a wildlife friendly plant nursery. We actively encourage birds, insects and other creatures to share the benefits of the plants as they grow. We do not normally use Pesticides and Weedkillers in any wildflower turf production.

What is SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat?

SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat has been designed to establish dense wildflower and grass plantings very quickly to aid areas at risk of erosion. The creation of SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat combines the expertise of both engineers and ecologists. A layer of biodegradeable geotextile (coir based) allows fast planting and establishment of a diverse mix of plant species tolerant of wet ground conditions. SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat starts working the moment it is unrolled and its effects on stabilisation continue to improve year on year as it continues to grow.

The planted layer immediately reduces any erosion from rainfall and as roots establish and develop, the soil is further stabilised. At the same time, the vegetation attracts and supports a wide range of fauna creating valuable wildlife habitats often in unique wet conditions.

How to Install & Care for SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat.

The maintenance regime for SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat is uncomplicated and fits easily with Health and Safety practices. Simply mow or cut once a year and remove all of the clippings. All species in SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat are non-toxic, therefore this product lends itself to grazing by sheep, goats, geese or other animals, making it a wonderful conservation product.

What Seeds are In SuDS and Slopes WildflowerMat?

Please note, percentages refer to the weight of the seed in the growing mix and do not necessarily reflect the proportions of mature plants.

50% native grasses
The addition of grasses help prevent the soil drying out whilst providing valuable shelter for insects, food for birds and perches for butterflies:
• Sheep’s Fescue
• Slender Creeping Red Fescue
• Crested Dogstail
• Small Leaved Timothy

50% native wildflowers
• Autumn hawkbit
• Betony
• Birdsfoot Trefoil
• Bladder Campion
• Catsear
• Common Knapweed
• Common Sorrel
• Common St Johns Wort
• Common toadflax
• Common Vetch
• Cowslip
• Field Scabious
• Hay Rattle
• Lady’s Bedstraw
• Meadow Buttercup
• Meadow Cranesbill
• Meadowsweet
• Musk Mallow
• Oxeye Daisy
• Red Campion
• Red Clover
• Ribwort Plantain
• Salad Burnet
• Selfheal
• Tufted Vetch
• Vipers Bugloss
• White Campion
• Wild Carrot
• Wild Marjoram
• Yarrow


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