Greensward Seed Mix (without ryegrass)


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Suitable For:

  • Creating Non-Ryegrass Landscape Areas
  • Building Surrounds, Steep Slopes & Banks
  • Dappled Light & Shaded Areas
  • Low Maintenance Areas
  • Reduced Mowing

A non-rye grass, quality landscape seed mixture, our Greensward Seed Mixture is perfect for all landscape areas, and in particular steep slopes, banks and embankments where the seed mixture will help facilitate soil stabilisation.

A good all round non-rye grass seed mixture for lawns, general landscape and shaded areas. Sowing Rate: 35g/m2

Key Features

  • Non-rye grass landscaping seed mixture
  • Low maintenance
  • Helps soil stabalisation
  • Fine Leaved
  • Suitable for dappled light and shaded areas
  • Reduced mowing
  • Treated with HEADSTART® GOLD

Sowing Rate: 35g/m2

Cutting Height: 25mm

Mixture Formulation

20% Trophy Chewings Fescue
75% Corail Strong Creeping Red Fescue
5% Highland Browntop Bent


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