Equipaddock Original Seed Mix


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Suitable For:

  • Creating Pastures & Gallops
  • Grazing with Good Recovery
  • For Yielding High Quality Horse Hay

A very flexible grazing and cutting ley, which has been specially created for use by horses and ponies, our Equipaddock Original seed mixture is also ideal for use on gallop areas, where a hard wearing, dense cover is essential.

A combination of three rye grasses, timothy, red fescue and smooth stalked meadow grass help form a pasture with a dense sward, that is very capable of producing good yields of high-quality horse hay, whilst the ‘creeping’ natures of the fescue and meadow grasses ensure that this ley will ‘repair’ itself where heavy treading or close grazing have occurred.

Our Equipaddock mixture is also very responsive to moderate use of nitrogen fertiliser that will enhance yields of forage for hay whilst assisting with recovery after cutting. Sowing rate 13kg/acre.

Key Features

  • Ryegrass mixture
  • Combination of three rye grasses
  • A hard wearing, dense sward
  • For sowing and over-seeding paddocks & gallops
  • Produces good yields of high quality horse hay
  • Good recovery from heavy treading and close grazing
  • Treated with HEADSTART® GOLD

Sowing Rate: 13kg/acre

Mixture Formulation

15% Early Perennial Ryegrass
30% Mid Season Perennial Ryegrass
23% Late Perennial Ryegrass
12% Timothy
4% Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
16% Creeping Red Fescue

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10kg Bag, 20kg Bag


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