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Low-Height 100% Annual Poppy Mixture

Suitable for:

  • 100% Poppies
  • Creating a Show of Vivid Red Flowers
  • No Grasses

Poppy Mix is sure to create a great show of vivid red flowers. With the ongoing anniversary of WW1, this mixture provides a poignant reminder and display to the fallen. The poppies should be sown in the spring ideally between the end of April and May. Best sown in areas of full sunlight, shaded areas should be avoided.

Key Benefits:

  • Only Flowers – no forage or grasses
  • Very easy to sow in the spring
  • Fast germination
  • Vigorous plants growth capable of competing with weeds
  • Fast flowering and long lasting
  • Well balanced and successful flowering
  • Robust plants capable of resisting periods of drought
  • Cost effective
  • Possible to weed by hand

Floral Arrangement

100% Poppies
Sow: April to May, 2g/m2
Height: 0.3m – 0.4m
Germination: 8-10 days in the correct conditions
Flowering: From June – July
Packaging: 500g

Poppy Mix Contains

100% Poppies


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